Leedene Broening

Leedene Broening


Born in Hawaii, Leedene brings a smile and breath of fresh air to the Cambridge Team. The goal that drives Leedene is to deliver exceptional customer service while maintaining an effective and enjoyable working relationship with Clients. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and extensive experience in Real Estate, Leedene has the unique ability to transform a time of uncertainty into a life-changing journey of excitement and fulfillment. She does this by demonstrating immense patience and an unwavering commitment to listening to her Clients’ concerns and fears about buying/selling a house, while understanding the importance of outlining every detail of all options available.

Reviews describe Leedene as optimistic, encouraging, and knowledgeable. She is known in the business to be especially likable and professional which, according to clients, played a major role in favorably negotiating their contracts. Her professional demeanor is extended to other Agents/Real Estate Professionals as well, allowing her to maintain genuine relationships with everyone involved. This and her ability to collaborate effectively have proven to be the driving force in producing seamless transactions every time.

In every Real Estate Transaction, Leedene understands the importance of flexibility and timeliness, while providing the most current information at every stage of the deal. She prides herself in making her Clients her top priority, and this commitment will bring them closer to their dream of home ownership.  Her professionalism, attention to detail, keen intellect, infectious smile and empathic personality puts her Clients at ease, knowing they are in the right hands.