Bill Haley


Bill Haley lives and works in the Arcadia Neighborhood. The development of community and culture through the attachment of people to their particular place inspires his passion and wonder. Likewise, the manner by which particular places confer a distinct and unique character on people inspires him to find the special place for his clients. Coupling his extensive professional career in educational leadership with an avid study of human nature, Bill has a keen sense for discovering the unique story of each of his clients.

Leveraging his extensive network to work for his clients, Bill meets his clients’ needs in the transition to their next adventure, whether selling and buying a primary residence, sniffing out the best real estate investment, or collating the right commercial property deal. Bill has an established track record of clients who not only enjoy the professionalism and excellence of his work, but relish the opportunity to work with him: his lasting impression will make your real estate experience a delightful encounter.

Connect with him on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bill-haley