Dave Neale

David Neale

Director of New Home Sales

As Director of New Home Sales and Marketing, Dave is one of the Valley’s top sales managers and trainers. Over the past nearly 30 years, David has been involved with all facets of the homebuilding business in Arizona and has sold over 10,000 homes. David has worked in land acquisitions, construction, development, financing, and product development. This diversity of experience has allowed him to develop long-term business relationships that provide Cambridge clients with a reliable and effective sales and marketing team.

David works closely with our developers through every step of the real estate lifecycle. From land acquisition through the closing of the last home in a community, he provides valuable input on product development, pricing, short- and long-term marketing strategies and advertising. David reviews purchase contracts, assists in obtaining the public reports, and recommends and assembles a team of professionals. This team includes title agencies, sales personnel and mortgage lenders, whose services are tailored to each community’s specific needs. David also oversees the Cambridge Properties’ contract administration team and provides ongoing training and support to the sales staff.