Marcia Karasek

Marcia Karasek


Marcia Karasek lives, works and invests in Central Phoenix.  Everyday her spirit of discovery and curiosity increases her appreciation for the evolution of urban growth and change in the Valley.   Helping clients discover “the why of where”  in the many neighborhoods of Phoenix is important to her as a real estate professional whose focus is helping connect people to place.  With over 25 years of professional experience across multiple business sectors, she is adept at identifying opportunities and solving problems while really enjoying the work and results.

Marcia has “skin in the game” when it comes to Real Estate investing and development and her experience and professional education is invaluable.  She brings her understanding of the economics, financing, design and development process to help her clients gain clarity and achieve their real estate goals in a way that is holistic and aligned for them.   Whether helping with the purchase or sale of a family home, discovering an opportunity to own commercial real estate or to locate a new business, Marcia knows how to work as a team, leverage her network and gain access to the information needed.

Marcia is a natural collaborator who is passionate about urban redevelopment.  While she has a keen sense of design and the built environment, she knows that great places exist because of the people who inhabit them.

Connect with her on Linkedin and @maricakarasek